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Event Registration




Invitations-Registrations-Data Base Maintenance

  • Extends public relations through personal contact from your company to your existing/prospective customers  
  • Increases the attendance numbers to your special events
  • Provides you with data for better staff and refreshments planning  
  • Refines your prospect database; updates your contact list by correcting phone and mailing information
  • Allows the sales team to focus on the qualified prospects
  • Motivates sales team with qualified leads and appointments
  • Can be designed to gather additional market intelligence such as fleet size, timing of future purchases and sometimes provides information about your competition.
  • Record dissatisfaction from former or existing customers – creates opportunity for remedy  


  • Calling projects are structured in a variety of ways: Invitation only, invitation – registration head count, gather specific data, collect corrected phone and address data – and according to criteria provided by client company. 
  • Event calling script and strategy are developed by client company and Consultant.


  • Guaranteed protection of your proprietary data, accessed only by team leader and project associate.
  • Non disclosure and strict confidentiality of data handling language included in consultant’s contract or inserted as provided by client 


  • Our professional business development specialists are highly qualified through experience in a wide range of business environments – including an average of 10 years of professional sales/customer service and project management career history  
  • Our high level of professionalism allows us to be very comfortable contacting at the top level of your target market companies, equally at ease with consumers and we represent you well. Our strategy is to seem to be “a part of” your organization. 
  • Your assigned specialists are made familiar with your unique goals and preferred approach, representing you at the highest professional level and partnering with your internal sales team.
  • Team characteristics include: excellent communications skills, ability to relate to all types of people, confident, strong work ethic, excellent organization skills, reliable, persistent, attentive to detail, efficient, resilient, self motivated and optimistic.  Team leadership is provided by Clarette C. Martin,  management, sales and marketing consultant of 25 years  - (see profile below)  


  • Project planning – based on the size of your list, a number of hours is scheduled for your event calling. Using the invitation or event details and the strategy we discuss, a script and customized data base layout with results codes is created and the project is put on our calendar.
  • We use the ACT contact management system, and the final report is generated from ACT into an excel format. 
  • The results are reported a few days prior to your event for use in your final planning and for any additional in-house contact or confirmation of attendance, making reminder calls to those requesting, response to specific comments or requests gathered during the calling. .
  • Email or fax fulfillment is handled by client unless otherwise agreed and separately contracted. No snail mail services are provided.
  • Program objectives include issuing an invitation, recording registrations, providing correct details and a method for the prospective guest to call and confirm their attendance if not certain at the time the call is made, recording comments, correcting addresses and phone numbers when necessary and performing public relations/customer relations on behalf of the client company.   
  • Advantages include:
  • The attendance improves dramatically as a result of the combination of mailed invitation and phone invitation/registration.  If you want to avoid the costs of mailing, our calls alone achieve results
  • Your event planning is improved
  • Your customers feel even more special and appreciated
  • Results are affected by quality of data base, complexity and scope of  intelligence gathered, timing affected by holidays, lead time for properly planning the project and the client company’s market ranking status/competition factors.  
  • Database/list is provided by client company and client company is responsible for the quality of the data. Quality and quantity of results from calling program are directly related to data base quality.
  • An existing database is further qualified during the calling program, which can include specific survey components.  However, an official survey project has a different structure and a separate contract.
  • Client provides script, fulfillment and collateral marketing material. There are no set up fees; however, any program preparation required is counted as part of total hours
  • The subsequent projects during a calendar year are ideally targeted ahead and put in the que for consultant planning purposes.
  • The number of calls made per hour is directly affected by the type of script utilized; i.e. - qualification questions, correcting addresses/phone numbers and/or the addition of survey type questions will require that each call take more time, which increases the result quality.